Mobile scanner app from Microsoft

Microsoft just released iOS & Android versions of Office Lens, a mobile scanner app that works standalone and also integrates with OneNote. Previously, Office Lens was available only for Windows phones. More info and screen shots from Tech Crunch.

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Handwriting & drawing now in iPad version of OneNote

One of the most requested features for Microsoft OneNote on the iPad has been support for drawing and handwriting. And now we have it! With the updated version, you can use your finger or stylus to make drawings, and just like the desktop version, the iPad version of OneNote can convert

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Outlook for iOS is now available. And it’s free.

The other day, Microsoft released a version of Outlook that will run on iOS devices: your iPhone and iPad. After a quick look and some struggles getting it configured, my opinion is that it’s a very good initial release, but it isn’t finished, yet. Like the built-in iOS Mail app,

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