The empire strikes back!

Today, Microsoft announced the new Surface tablet. MS is making the hardware as well as the software that runs it: Windows 8 Pro. Surface is made from a Liquid Metal frame. They beat Apple by 4 months (if the iPhone 5 rumors are true). Screen is 10.6″ and HD resolution, weighs

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Come to my live presentation on Friday

Yes, this is a late notice, but: Friday evening (June 15), I’m giving a demo of Adobe’s new apps for the iPad and some of the new features of the newly-released Creative Suite 6. Did you know that Photoshop can now edit videos?? Place: Mediatech, at the Flemington Public Library,

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Create HTML5 animation from Flash CS6

We will be able to create HTML5 animations from Flash CS6 projects. Use Flash as normal, and instead of — or in addition to — the regular SWF output, we export as HTML5. This requires a collection of open-source plugins (for tweening, audio, etc.) that get installed using the Extension

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