Microsoft SkyDrive is becoming OneDrive

Microsoft is changing the SkyDrive name to OneDrive because of a trademark dispute. Seems that BskyB already owns the name, and a court ruled in BskyB’s favor. But it looks like there may be other changes coming to OneDrive, also.

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Office 2013 is now available

It’s official: Microsoft Office 2013 is now available to the public. (It was made available to corporate customers a month ago.) Is it something you need? Office has been around for so many years and so many versions, what features were left for Microsoft to add? For the most part,

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How to take screen captures with Office 2010

There are several ways of capturing the screen using tools built into Microsoft Office 2010 programs. My favorite — and most flexible — method is using OneNote. Watch my video to see how you can take a picture of what’s on the screen and paste it into a document. (For

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Tutorial: saving and opening files in SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2010 work and play together very well. In fact, it could be hard to tell that your files are on a secure web server, rather than on your own hard drive. Here is a quick tutorial showing several ways of saving, opening and moving files around

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Handy screen capture utility in Microsoft Office

Happy new year! Let me start off 2011 by giving you a handy tip I’m sure you’ll like. Something that’s useful and even kind of fun: There are plenty of ways to capture part of your screen, but they usually involve messing around with dialog boxes every time or cropping

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