Written tutorials with screencasts, published by Tuts+.


How to calculate depreciation using Excel or Google Sheets

How to calculate present value & net present value using Excel or Google Sheets

How to calculate internal rate of return using Excel

How to extract data from a spreadsheet using VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX, using Excel & Google Sheets

How to format Excel spreadsheets using styles

How to create an Excel PivotTable using data from multiple sheets



Everything you need to make a basic PowerPoint presentation

How to use and edit master slides in PowerPoint

Inserting, drawing & editing motion paths in PowerPoint

Inserting & formatting videos in PowerPoint, and embedding videos from YouTube

How to control PowerPoint animation with the Animation pane



Tame your Outlook inbox with subfolders, rules and filters

How to set up your company e-mail with Office 365 hosted Exchange



How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

How to simplify Word document formatting with styles



Getting things done with Microsoft OneNote



How to host your own webmail with Roundcube (article only)

Using advanced search techniques, mostly for Google and Bing

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