All-You-Can-Read from Amazon for only $10

Amazon just introduced the Kindle Unlimited service: all you can read for $10/month, including audio books. The service works with any Kindle or device that has a Kindle app. There’s a catch or two, which you may or may not care about:

  • You don’t get to keep the books. This is more like a library, where you get to check out 10 titles at a time.
  • Amazon carries millions of titles, but Kindle Unlimited applies to “only” 600,000 of them. That’s a lot, but if the books you want aren’t among the available titles, the number might as well be zero.

This isn’t Amazon’s fault. Publishers in general don’t like offering unlimited deals, and although Amazon twists arms very hard (just ask Stephen Colbert), there’s only so much arm twisting they can do.


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