How to change the font in Outlook’s message list

A recent update of Office 365 may have shrunk the font in Outlook’s message list. To change it: Click the View tab, then choose View Settings. On the ribbon, click Other Settings. Click the Column Font and Row font buttons & enter a font size.

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Easier attachments in Outlook 2016

A welcome feature in Microsoft Outlook 2016 (currently in public beta) is that when you want to attach a file to an e-mail message, appointment item or other screen, the Attach File icon shows the last several files you attached, so you can attach one, again:

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Outlook for iOS is now available. And it’s free.

The other day, Microsoft released a version of Outlook that will run on iOS devices: your iPhone and iPad. After a quick look and some struggles getting it configured, my opinion is that it’s a very good initial release, but it isn’t finished, yet. Like the built-in iOS Mail app,

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Tame your Outlook inbox with Subfolders, Rules and Filters

Getting floods of e-mail doesn’t have to be a nightmare! In Outlook, you can easily find and group messages if you sort them into subfolders, and you can even have Outlook do the sorting for you automatically. Another option is to apply formatting that stands out to messages that are

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