Beware of automated call about your Windows key

Should be obvious, but just in case: if you get an automated call that your Windows license key has expired, don’t return the call. It’s a scam. Windows keys don’t expire and Microsoft won’t call you about something like this.

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Fix for global ransomware attack

Microsoft says a new Windows 10 update fixes a zero-day vulnerability to a massive, global ransomware attack that uses leaked NSA code.

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Secure Windows login without passwords

If you hate typing passwords, Windows 10 will make life a little easier for you: you’ll be able to log in securely without one. Windows 10 will support security via biometrics and hardware keys (a/k/a dongles). Hat tip @zdnet:

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New Windows will be called Windows 10

The new version of Windows (code-named Threshold) that will be released next year will be called Windows 10, and will run on multiple hardware platforms. Microsoft is skipping the name “9” as a way of showing that this will be the last major release of Windows. Future releases will be

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