Adobe releases 64-bit Flash player

Like that old guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Flash isn’t dead, yet. Ten months ago, I wrote that Adobe had a publicly-available beta of a 64-bit Flash player. The beta is now complete, and Adobe released the player today. You can download it from their web site.

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Firefox 6: why bother?

It’s eight weeks since the last major Firefox release, so you know what that means: time for another one. Mozilla just released version 6, which includes…..uh…..some visual enhancements. This is what they call a full version? I’d call it an x.01 version increment. What’s really annoying is that Mozilla is

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Display rulers and guides in Firefox with foxGuide

There’s a cool Firefox add-in that puts rulers and guides in the browser window, so you can measure things just like in Photoshop, Flash, Quark and most other graphics applications. The add-in is called foxGuide and you can download and install it from Mozilla here. Just be aware that it’s

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