Instantly turn any YouTube video into an animated gif

Depending on whether you love or hate animated gifs, this will be either excellent or horrible: to turn any YouTube video into an animated gif without having to download anything or mess with any application, substitute the “youtube” in the URL with “gifyoutube“. For example, I’ll take this video of

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LinkedIn is rolling out a publishing platform

Last week, LinkedIn announced a new publishing platform for its members. So far, it’s by invitation, only – probably to members who have posted a certain amount or length of updates on their profiles. If you didn’t get the invitation, you can request one here. Eventually, it will be open

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The latest D-I-Y web site creator

Maybe you’re already familiar with web sites that let you create your own, basic site for free and without having to know any programming, using pre-made templates. Places like Google Sites,, Tumblr and Blogger are all popular. If you want to check out another one, look at Onepager. It

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Google+ betrayed users’ trust

On Saturday, Google+ (still in beta) deleted user accounts en masse, and started enforcing contradictory policies. Anyone who wanted to be anonymous — many with good reason — had their accounts deleted without warning. Some celebrities and VIPs got personal service to restore their accounts, but most ordinary people were

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YouTube and Vimeo now supporting HTML 5

If you’re on YouTube or Vimeo and click an Embed button to get the code to embed a video on your site or on your blog, you might notice something new: the code they give you is a simple 1-line iframe, rather than the long, complicated object and embed tags.

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