Create an Excel sheet from a screen shot

The mobile version of Excel will let you take a screen shot of a table and import it as a worksheet. No need to retype it! Will be available first for Android, later for iPhone.

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Cool nighttime iPhone photography tip

Cool photography tip to take pictures of the night sky with your iPhone: cover the lens and hold your finger on the screen until you see the “AE/AF LOCK” message. Now remove your fingers and take the picture. The lock gets released after you take the picture, so you have

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Take pictures with depth of field using your iPhone 7 Plus

The new Portrait mode in iOS 10 gives your pictures a depth of field that the regular Photo mode doesn’t. Like with a camera that has an adjustable aperture, Portrait mode focuses on the person or object in the foreground and slightly blurs out the background. You’ll find this feature

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Apple is cleaning up the App Store

Spring cleaning, and it’s not even spring: Apple says it will clean up the App Store, removing outdated and broken apps. They will pay special attention to health apps. This coincides with the upcoming iPhone 7 release.

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New course: Rapidly Create Mobile App Prototypes with Adobe XD

Adobe XD, a/k/a Experience Design, lets you create realistic prototypes of apps rapidly, accurately, and without having to write any code. Since XD is made by Adobe, you may find the user interface and the tools familiar. But it also has unique features, like the dynamic Repeat Grid and Prototype

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