Protect yourself against realistic but bogus warnings on Facebook

Business pages on Facebook are recently getting a rash of realistic warnings saying the page is violating some unspecified term of service and is about to be taken down. The warnings say you must respond immediately by clicking an official-looking link. DON’T! It’s a scam. How to identify a bogus

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Beware of automated call about your Windows key

Should be obvious, but just in case: if you get an automated call that your Windows license key has expired, don’t return the call. It’s a scam. Windows keys don’t expire and Microsoft won’t call you about something like this.

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Fix for global ransomware attack

Microsoft says a new Windows 10 update fixes a zero-day vulnerability to a massive, global ransomware attack that uses leaked NSA code.

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Protecting yourself from ransomware

Ransomware is a serious problem: rather than harming your data or stealing your identity, ransomware can encrypt your computer or your whole network until you pay a fee. The perpetrators and their accounts are typically overseas and they usually ask for untraceable money, like Bitcoin. Some large companies have been

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