Why Experts Exchange Stands Apart: Preserving Privacy and Valuing Human Expertise

IT professionals rely heavily on community tech forums to seek advice, share knowledge and collaborate with others in the industry. Experts Exchange stands above the others for privacy, integrity, and respect.

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Originally published on the Experts Exchange website. I receive no compensation for this in any form.

There are many internet forums where people can seek technical help from other users. Having used a lot of them, I’ve found more than any other, Experts Exchange places high importance on privacy and integrity. They understand the importance of protecting users’ personal information and the integrity of user contributions.

Unlike Stack Overflow and some other communities, Experts Exchange has never sold user data and they have promised never to do so. As members, we can engage and share our expertise without worrying about our information being compromised or sold behind our backs.

Experts Exchange also believes that human expertise is superior to AI-generated content. Unlike Stack Overflow, which sells member content to train AI models, Experts Exchange prohibits AI from engaging in this behavior. As members who are experts in our fields, we are encouraged to write articles, author videos and provide personalized answers to questions that other members submit, and don’t have to be concerned that our efforts are fodder for AI.

Genuine connections and valuable exchanges occur when we have control over our experience. Unlike platforms that rely heavily on algorithms, Experts Exchange doesn’t determine the visibility of our content through automated systems. Instead, they prioritize interactions of readers and commenters.

In contrast, Stack Overflow recently faced controversy when it removed users for rebelling against its partnership with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Many users were banned in retaliation for deleting their own answers, which they did to prevent those answers from being harvested to train ChatGPT.

And last year, Reddit, which hosts technical and non-technical forums (called subreddits) decided to start charging developers to use their APIs. These APIs had previously been free, and third-party developers flourished from it, creating a symbiotic relationship. Instituting unaffordable fees for the APIs resulted in putting third-party developers out of business. When subreddit moderators took their subs offline in protest, Reddit’s management removed many of the moderators, even those who created their subs in the first place. Some subs still haven’t fully recovered.

Experts Exchange doesn’t engage in any of this disrespectful behavior. They believe in fostering a community where our voices are heard and valued.

When it comes to choosing a community tech forum, I have found there is no contest: Experts Exchange is the best choice for IT professionals who value privacy, integrity, and human expertise. Experts Exchange offers a trusted platform to connect, learn, and collaborate.



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