CSS grid tutorial

Here’s a good tutorial on CSS grid layout from Mozilla:

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The latest D-I-Y web site creator

Maybe you’re already familiar with web sites that let you create your own, basic site for free and without having to know any programming, using pre-made templates. Places like Google Sites,, Tumblr and Blogger are all popular. If you want to check out another one, look at Onepager. It

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YouTube and Vimeo now supporting HTML 5

If you’re on YouTube or Vimeo and click an Embed button to get the code to embed a video on your site or on your blog, you might notice something new: the code they give you is a simple 1-line iframe, rather than the long, complicated object and embed tags.

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Display rulers and guides in Firefox with foxGuide

There’s a cool Firefox add-in that puts rulers and guides in the browser window, so you can measure things just like in Photoshop, Flash, Quark and most other graphics applications. The add-in is called foxGuide and you can download and install it from Mozilla here. Just be aware that it’s

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