Create HTML5 animation from Flash CS6

We will be able to create HTML5 animations from Flash CS6 projects. Use Flash as normal, and instead of — or in addition to — the regular SWF output, we export as HTML5. This requires a collection of open-source plugins (for tweening, audio, etc.) that get installed using the Extension

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Adobe releases 64-bit Flash player

Like that old guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Flash isn’t dead, yet. Ten months ago, I wrote that Adobe had a publicly-available beta of a 64-bit Flash player. The beta is now complete, and Adobe released the player today. You can download it from their web site.

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Great Christmas present from Adobe

Back in June, I posted that if you’re running the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office, you couldn’t insert Flash movies, since the Flash player is only a 32-bit plug-in. Users of 64-bit Windows have also experienced a lot of problems when watching Flash videos, which is the format of most

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Workaround for playing Flash on the iPad

It’s no secret (to say the least) that the iPad doesn’t support Flash. This isn’t a bug; Apple did this on purpose. So if you have an iPad and surf to a web site that contains SWFs, you won’t see them. As a web developer, you can work around this.

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Cue points in After Effects and Flash CS5

Now that I have the full Master Collection of Creative Suite 5, I’ve been using some of the great collaborative features. One that I really liked is cue points. One of my clients had videos of someone speaking, and they wanted animated text to appear next to him. As he

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