Mastodon as a Twitter substitute? Not ready for prime time.

A lot of people are looking at the Mastodon app as an alternative to Twitter, though some users will say that isn’t what it’s meant to be. (Last week I suspended my Twitter account and removed the app from my phone but didn’t delete my account.) Unlike Twitter, which is

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Adobe Premiere Rush: good mobile video editor

I’ve tried many mobile video editing apps and most of them are either lacking features or complicated and unintuitive. But Premier Rush hits the sweet spot: straightforward editing and familiar to users of Premier Pro, including the timeline. Of course it can’t have every feature, but you can import projects

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Reddit gets $1.8 billion & new look

Reddit calls itself “The front page of the Internet” but hasn’t updated its UI for ages. It looks stuck in the 1990s BBS days — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Having raised almost $2 billion from several VC sources, including Andreesen Horowitz, they are going to modernize it with

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Twitter will soon slightly ease character counts

Sometime in the next few months,Twitter will no longer count characters for media attachments and “@names” in replies. Also there will no longer be a need for .@ in message beginnings. All your followers will be able to see all your tweets. But URLs and quote tweets will continue to

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