Adobe Project Cloak: easily remove objects from videos

Project Cloak from Adobe is a prototype video editing tool that can remove still or even moving objects without frame-by-frame editing. It’s like Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill tool for video sequences. Klingons would love this! Here’s a cool demo:

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After Effects tip: move the in-point or out-point of a layer

I just discovered a great tip for After Effects: let’s say you pasted a layer from one composition to another, and the layer is very far away from the CTI, which you’re probably looking at. Rather than zooming out, scrolling, pushing, etc, and rather than manually typing the time code

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Cue points in After Effects and Flash CS5

Now that I have the full Master Collection of Creative Suite 5, I’ve been using some of the great collaborative features. One that I really liked is cue points. One of my clients had videos of someone speaking, and they wanted animated text to appear next to him. As he

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Adobe’s broken promise

If you read some of Adobe’s advertising of Creative Suite 4 or 5, there’s a good chance you came across something called Dynamic Link. The idea is very cool: for example, they say you can take a timeline from Premiere Pro and place it in an After Effects composition as

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