Automatic Calculations in Excel for Web

In partnership with Experts Exchange. Another excellent feature Microsoft added to Excel is automatic calculations! It doesn’t mean you don’t have to write any formulas anymore, but it can figure out some of them for you, not just simple ones. If you’re familiar with Flash Fill, you might think of

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Inserting Checkboxes in an Excel Worksheet

In partnership with Experts Exchange. If you ever wanted to insert a checkbox in an Excel worksheet, you know it wasn’t easy or straightforward. But now it is! The Windows edition of Excel 365 now has a checkbox object you can insert just like a drawing object. You can apply

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Adobe brings AI into Creative Cloud sound editing

With Project Sound Lift, Adobe is harnessing the artificial intelligence tools the Beatles used to restore John Lennon’s voice and (hopefully) making it available in Creative Cloud. If there’s voice, background noise and other sounds mixed together, Sound Lift should be able to isolate them into separate tracks that you

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