Mac system fonts slowing things down

When selecting fonts on your Mac, does it run slowly or even freeze? It could be due to a large bundle of foreign-language fonts Apple added in Catalina, named Noto and October. If you need these fonts, great. But even if you don’t need them and never use them, they

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Microsoft Office for Mac now looks like Windows

Applications in the new Office for Mac 2016 (a/k/a version 15) look just like their Windows counterparts, not like one-off versions or even like native OS X applications. This makes it easier for you to switch between the two platforms. If you subscribe to Office 365, you have access to

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iMovie 10 doesn’t play well with YouTube

If you have an account on YouTube for an organization or business, and are using iMovie 10 to create videos for it, you’ll likely run into two pieces of bad software design. First, you should know that iMovie doesn’t have a Save or Save As button, because it saves your

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Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: adds Outlook and VBA

Microsoft always releases a new Mac version of Office one year after releasing a new Windows version of Office, and the 2011 version is now available, following Office 2010 for Windows. The two biggest changes over Office 2008 for Mac is that Outlook now replaces Entourage as the mail/calendar/contact/task application,

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