Create HTML5 animation from Flash CS6

We will be able to create HTML5 animations from Flash CS6 projects. Use Flash as normal, and instead of — or in addition to — the regular SWF output, we export as HTML5.

This requires a collection of open-source plugins (for tweening, audio, etc.) that get installed using the Extension Manager, but at least it has to be done only once.

This means that while the SWF format is falling out of favor, the Flash authoring program is very much alive, and will be a tool for developing for mobile devices that don’t support Flash animation.

The results of the HTML5 exports are nearly identical to the SWF exports, but it isn’t identical….yet. For example, bitmap fills aren’t supported.

Here’s a demo from Paul Trani, evangelist for Adobe, and author:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”315″][/youtube]


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