Draw math equations in OneNote

If you need to insert nicely formatted math equations in a Microsoft Office application, you may have used the equation editor. That’s OK – actually, I think it’s a lot of fun to play with – but if you have a Windows tablet, or a digitizer tablet attached to a regular Windows computer, you might find it easier to draw the equation, instead.

In OneNote 2010 or 2013, go to the Draw tab and click the Ink to Math button on the end:

That displays a special editing window where you can draw with your stylus (or finger). OneNote will do its best to convert your writing into an equation. Using my Wacom tablet, OneNote did a great job recognizing what I wrote:

When you have the equation looking the way you want, click the Insert button. It will get placed in your notebook like this:

If you want this in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even to send it in an e-mail with Outlook, just select it, then copy and paste.


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