Easy way to send & receive money electronically with your smart phone

When you want to send money to someone electronically, it can be surprisingly difficult. If you aren’t lucky enough that your bank and the recipient’s bank have compatible payment systems, your bank might end up sending the recipient a paper check. If you both have PayPal accounts, that also works well. Other than that, there’s no universal process.

The Square app (iOS and Android) is great for this, though it’s mostly geared for businesses to use as a cash register. And you either need the small card reader, or you have to key in a credit/debit card number. But Square just introduced the Cash app, which lets you send money with a text message. The money goes directly into the recipient’s bank account in seconds, compared with several days when using PayPal.

The transaction is free for the sender, and 2.75% to 3.5% for the recipient. Pricing details are here. For more info, see www.square.com/cash.


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