Excel 365 for Busy People

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Are you short on time and need to learn or brush up on intermediate and advanced Excel? Check out my course, “Excel 365 for Busy People” with brand new lessons and the newest Excel features. You can get through it quickly without long-winded, boring lectures. It’s direct and to-the-point, comprised of 10 chapters:

  • Writing simple formulas
  • Commonly used functions
  • Functions that make decisions
  • Using Math, Statistical,
  • Financial and Text Functions
  • Using Excel’s database features
  • Conducting data analysis
  • Manipulating data
  • Enhancing worksheets
  • Misc. advanced features
  • Automating Excel with macros, VBA and Python

You can take the course in as much time as you need and there is no time limit. You get permanent access.



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