Flickr just got a major upgrade

A day after Yahoo announced its $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr, they gave a major facelift to Flickr. Yahoo nearly killed the photo sharing service with bad development goals, project mismanagement and mind bending login horrors to which I can personally attest (Flickr’s iOS app is still not widely used and with good reason).

But today, the site looks gorgeous. It finally accepts images at the highest resolution your camera can take, and you can really use it because even the free Flickr accounts now have a full TERABYTE of storage space. That means if I upload 16-megapixel photos from my Nikon D5100, I have room for over 200,000 of them. If you have a lower resolution point-and-shoot camera, you’ll be able to upload even more.

The damage Yahoo did to Flickr over the years was extensive, and they lost a lot of mindshare (and users) to other photo sharing services, like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Imgur. So there’s no guarantee that Flickr will survive. But now it has a good, fighting chance.

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