New course: Rapidly Create Mobile App Prototypes with Adobe XD

Adobe XD, a/k/a Experience Design, lets you create realistic prototypes of apps rapidly, accurately, and without having to write any code. Since XD is made by Adobe, you may find the user interface and the tools familiar. But it also has unique features, like the dynamic Repeat Grid and Prototype mode.

Once you’ve completed your project, you can use Adobe Creative Cloud to share the prototype with other people and view it on your own device, without having to deal with security issues. This way, you can see how your app will look and behave before you start programming.

In this course, we complete a small project from start to finish, using all the tools and features of XD. All the class files and fonts are included. XD currently runs only on the Macintosh, and Adobe said they will release a Windows version towards the end of 2016. If you learn the Mac version, you’ll probably be able to use the Windows version without much trouble.

Rapidly create mobile app prototypes


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