New Deco tool in Flash CS5

All of the Adobe CS5 applications have at least one, new killer feature, and my favorite one in Flash is the Deco tool. It lets people (like me) who have no drawing skills to draw basic, but decent illustrations.

Select the tool Deco tool, then in the Properties panel, choose a drawing effect. My favorite is buildings.Deco tool properties

Then simply draw on the stage.

Buildings drawn with Deco tool

Some of the Deco tool effects are self-animating. For example, you can draw fire that goes for 50 frames. The animations are all frame-by-frame, which means that you can remove the first few frames of the fire animation where the flame ignites.

Just be aware that “Deco” is an appropriate name for the tool. The illustrations aren’t meant to be photo-realistic or even high art. But there are still many instances where the tool will get the job done.
Deco tool flame


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