Printing in Excel 2010: print dialog agrees with Page Layout

It’s a familiar story in Windows: you lay your page out in one orientation (portrait or landscape), but when you print, you discover that the print settings oriented the paper the opposite way. That’s wastes paper, ink and time. But that won’t happen in Excel 2010.

As in 2007, you go to the Page Layout tab to choose Portrait or Landscape from the orientation button.

Page Layout button

Now in 2010 when you print (File/Print or Ctrl + P), the Print section of Backstage View automatically shows the printer is set to the correct orientation.

Print Orientation

What’s also new is that if you change page orientation in the Page Layout tab, the Print dialog will automatically update. And if you change the orientation in the Print dialog, it will automatically update in the Page Layout tab.

This may sound like only a small improvement, but it helps a lot, especially if you often print large worksheets.


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