Top tips for Windows 8

Microsoft will officially release Windows 8 on Friday the 26th. Here are a few tips to ease the transition from older versions:

  • The Start screen shows only commonly-used programs. To see ALL your programs, right-click the Start screen and select All Apps on the Command bar.
  • If there’s a program on the secondary list that you want on the main Start screen, right-click the program and select Pin to Start.
  • At any time, press the key on the keyboard to display the Start screen. Or if you’re already on the Start screen, pressing will return you to the previous screen you were on.
  • Need the Control Panel or other power commands? Right-click the lower-left corner of the screen at any time.
  • Can’t find the shutdown or restart commands? Either press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, or roll the mouse over one of the right corners of the screen to display the charms. Then click Settings, click Power, then click Shutdown.



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